Rigging Equipment

Quickway has resources to match any project, with a fleet of tractors and trailers and a variety of customized equipment to better fit our customer’s needs. Learn more about our equipment capabilities below:

  • Cranes — We have crane capacity from 7 to 350 tons and a wide variety of rigging to move your equipment safely and effectively.
  • Forklifts — Our forklifts have capacity from 2,000 to 80,000 pounds, and can be equipped with fixed or hydraulic rigging booms. We also have Versa-Lift forklifts that can carry 25,000 to 60,000 pounds, also attached with rigging booms and remote control to have an unobstructed view while operating.
  • 100% Air Ride — Our tractor and trailer fleet is 100% Air Ride, including beavertails, RGNs, and double drops.
  • Gantries — We have both mechanical and hydraulic gantry systems from 3-500 ton capacity.
  • Air Pallet Modular Systems — For extremely sensitive equipment, our air pallet modular systems allow your equipment to be easily transported on a cushion of air and can handle up to 36,500 pounds.
  • Air-Inflated Jacks — Our air-inflated jacks allow for 26,000 pounds capacity.
  • Traksporter Dolly Systems — Get your equipment safely through the plant with our Traksporter dolly systems. Managed through a remote control, the Traksporter dolly systems will get all your equipment through tight spaces with ease.
  • Polyurethane Dolly Systems — Rest assured that your shop floors will be left mark free.

We also have a large variety of specialty lifting fixtures and platforms and are fully supported by our shop. Contact us today at 763-784-4295.

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